Versaspa Bronzing Mist

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Instant Self-Tan Micro Mist: Spray bronzer instant self-tan spray with warm brown caramel undertones for a classic deep bronze beach tan. A natural-looking tan for all skin tones. Dries quickly.

Continuous Spray for Streak-free Long-lasting Self-Tan: Ultra-fine, 360-degree continuous spray delivers a flawless, easy to apply, streak-free deep tan that will last a week for an all over full-body tan.

  1. Hold 4-8 inches from skin
  2. Spray with a quick, continuous, side-to-side sweeping motion across areas to be tanned
  3. Spray lightly and blend around feet, ankles, knees and elbows
  4. Let dry before dressing
  5. Allow 4-8 hours before getting wet
  6. To ensure an even tan, blend with applicator mitt or hand
  7. Wash hands immediately after use